These are all products I actually pay for and use to build my business.

I only recommend products I  actually use myself…

As online marketers these products can also be a great added passive income stream. People are willing to pay for tools without even thinking twice about it. Think about how you operate for a second, when you know you needed a tool to help grow your business you just make the investment and move on. Now day’s all products have an affiliate plan attached because the best way to sell is still word of mouth. So the products that you use in your business to help you have success, be sure to sign up for their affiliate program and take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional passive income by simply letting those in your sphere of influence know about the tools you use and if they want to buy send them your link.

So go ahead and purchase the ones you need for your business, then add them to your marketing funnels…

Top Internet Marketing Tools:

Blogging Platform – Kalatu Blog

(aka – Viral Blogging System)

These are a few things that I love about the Kalatu Blog:

  • Optimized For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The Moment You Set It Up
  • Extremely Easy to Set Up
  • You Can Easily Customize  It For Any Business, Brand or Niche
  • Awesome Plugins and Themes Internet Marketers Love and Would Normally Pay $2000+ For…
  • The Bandwith is Unlimited (It will literally handle as much traffic as you throw at it without any added cost!)
  • Free Blogging Training From Some Of The Best Bloggers In The Industry
  • Most Of All Your Content Is Safe!  This Platform Was Built For Online Marketers to Make Money. So Unlike Free Blogging Platforms You’ll Never Lose Your Content or Have Your Blog Shut Down if Someone Complains About Your Content. With Kalatu That Won’t HAPPEN!  This Is The Best, Internet Marketing Friendly Blogging Platform Available.

Autoresponder I use:


If you are an online marketer and you are not building an email list then you really aren’t an online marketer. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s the truth. An online marketer’s greatest asset is “the list” so everything that you do as a marketer should always include list building activities. With that being said…you need a good AutoResponder and GetResponse is what I use. I found that it is very easy to set up, simple to use and integrates with almost all marketing systems. It has tons of cool features, great deliverability and is very cost effective!

get response logo – Free/Paid ScreenShare Software

If you like to create video tutorials and other videos where sharing your screen is needed, screencast-o-matic is a free application that works great for that. There is also a paid version which allows more features and is probably the least expensive screen share software that you can get at just $15 per year.

sreen cast o matic

 Top Internet Marketing Training System!

Online Marketing Education and Training – Total Shortcut System

The “Total Shortcut System” is an online marketing university and marketing platform in one. Get all of the skills and training to become a successful online marketer, taught by 6 & 7 figure legends in the industry. But the best part about it, is the digital franchise model that is built in for those that want to become affiliates of the system. Before I got the Total Shortcut System I struggled mightily to make money online. Because of the training and “done for you” sales funnels and capture pages I got my first customer, and I have not looked back since!

Well…that’s it for now. Check this page frequently though, as new tools bust on the scene, as they always do I’ll update this page when if I find new systems that actually work.

Until next time,
Hustle Up!