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Video # 6 – 3 tools you need to earn money online part-time. Having the right tools makes any job easier.

There are many tools that people use to earn money online these days but these 3 tools you absolutely need to earn money online part-time. As with any tool you’ll need to know why you need them and how to use them. In this video we’ll focus more and why you need them, there are tons of other resource available to help you understand how to use them.

  1. Auto-Responder – Since your goal is to learn how to earn money online part-time, then having tools that help you automate and function efficiently is critical. So…what is an AutoResponder? An AutoResponder is an email messaging system that let’s you automate how and when you communicate with your prospects, customers or other network of people in your business world via email. With an AutoResponder you can set up marketing campaigns to send specific messages to a specified group of individuals on auto pilot. For instance, you have a lead that is interested in your product, service or opportunity but for whatever reason is hesitant to pull out their credit card and buy. For marketers without an AutoResponder that’s a problem, mainly because you may never come into contact with that person ever again. However, when you have this tool in place you schedule a series of follow up emails to perhaps continue to educate your prospect about your offer to help them become more comfortable with their decision to buy. It’s a great way to keep your brand in front of people who have raised their hand to say they are interested in something that you have offer.
  2. Lead Capture Page – You’re probably wondering after learning about the benefits of the AutoResponder “how do I get a prospects email address?” Well for that you’ll need our second too, a good Lead Capture Page. A Lead Capture Page is just what it says, a single page (in most cases) website designed specifically to capture you prospect/customer’s email address and funnel it into your AutoResponder so that you can continue to market to or engage your prospect/customer. There are many different types of Lead Capture Pages and for the most part they all function the same and serve the same purpose. The difference being the ability to customize the pages to your liking, the various templates that are available and the statistical date available to be tracked and reported on.
  3. Website/Blog – Finally at the bare bones minimum if your intent is to earn money online part-time you MUST have a home on the internet aka a website/blog. I say website/blog because there are still lots of people out there that don’t understand that a blog is a website, so in my opinion you really need a blog. While a blog is a website…a website is not a blog, in the same way that a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a scare. A static website can tell your clientele a lot about your brand, products and even a little bit about you. But a blog one the other hand allows you to go into greater detail and give you the flexibility to change with the times. You’re able to feed your audience fresh, new content every day if you’d like and allow them to know as much or as little about you and your brand as you want. You have complete control over the information that you want your followers to know. A blog is truly one of the best kept secrets to making money online.


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Video #6 – 3 tools you need to earn money online part-time. Having the right tools makes any job easier.

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